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Welcome to the support website for a free Hans Island. On this website, you will find unbiased, objective information about the territorial conflict between Denmark and Canada over Hans Island. Be sure to check our website from time to time, to get the latest information about the conflict.


For many years now, the Canadian military has systematically and repeatedly invaded the Danish territory of Hans Island. In doing so, Canada have demonstrated a total disregard for international treaties and laws. Despite repeated pleas for peace, Canada has not shown any remorse on the matter. Because of this, we demand that Canada is excluded from NATO and the UN, and must be forced to give war reparations for the damages they have inflicted. Furthermore, the Canadian ministry of defense should be disbanded, and all Canadian military equipment should be handed over to Denmark.

The Canadian media, no doubt being manipulated by their government's lies, are playing down the repeated violations by the Canadian military, claiming that Hans Island is not important. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from the important wildlife on and around Hans Island, the island plays an important part in the regional ownership of oil and gas reserves. Canada is therefore using Hans Island as an excuse for violating Denmark's legitimate claims for the natural resources in the area. This eagerness of Canada's part is no doubt due to a strong desire to explore the underground for resources, potentially contaminating a vast area of beautiful nature - something which is not necessary for Denmark, who is self-supporting with both oil and natural gas.

In the past, the area of present-day Canada has used as a platform for attacks by other countries; amongst others Washington DC, which resulted in the destruction of both historical landmarks and works of art. Although the invading forces were forced back then, Canada has never given an official apology! This is the kind of irresponsible behavior the Canadian government represents. If Canada is not shy of supporting attacks on the US, what will prevent them from doing the same against Hans Island?

Facts about the Canadian occupation of Hans Island

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